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Soon, the spacecraft came to a stop. A very handsome man stepped off the spacecraft and walked forward slowly. This young man had silver long hair with straight eyebrows. He was 1.9 meters tall and looked well-proportioned. His muscles looked explosive. He looked intimidating. Not mentioning about his capability, just his murderous look was enough to stop ones breathing.


She started talking about the price. Sir, your land in area 57 is not very good, the location is very remote. Although it covers a very wide area, its not suitable for development. You have asked for 65 million. However, I dont think that it is worth that much. After all, its barren mountainous land, which would make building costs higher. There arent any big shopping malls around, so we are offering 36 million. If you think this price is okay, then we will take it. Of course, the premise is that we will pay you in installments.


I hope Im still in time. The almighty genius has not been found yet. I still have some buffer time. If I am able to defeat the almighty genius En. I better train harder.


It was a man in his forties who wore a black top hat. He was two meters tall and had a huge black sword with a beautiful cross as its handle. Such features were relatively common, but it was his eyes that chilled comrade Luo Qiang to the bone.


Dali, love is like that? She thought for a long while before she asked Hong Dali. I dont feel my heart racing like Im in love. It feels normal


A prosperous man would have a full set of top-grade gems. A rich man would have a full set of double attribute gems! And only a tycoon would have more than ten people who had full sets of double attribute gems!

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“Damn it.” Jiang Qianxue violently shook her head and muttered, “Why did I suddenly think of that prodigal, the difference between him and my hero is way too big, bigger than 100,000 lightyears. Why did I suddenly think of him?”


“That’s right.” The third Elder lowered his voice and said, “To be frank, we are only a proxy for this Milky Way Virtual Network. If we really directly interfere internally, I fear that it will become very troublesome…”


Immediately, an option to combine gems appeared on the Systems menu. When he chose it, something that looked like an altar appeared in the air in front of Hong Dali. There were a total of three grooves in it. Under two of them were the small words: Original attribute gems. On top of the third were the words: Combined attribute gem.


Haha, I was bored, so I just joined for fun. As he put the certificate the clerk had issued him into his pocket, Ace smiled and said, They are giving money away for free. If I dont take it, wouldnt that be a loss for me?


“Of course not.” The man with eagle eyes shrugged. “I didn’t get my commission, why would I carry the head around?”


Judging from its speed and strength, it has to at least have the power of a Fourth Order Planet Warrior?


Young Master, Hearing Jiang Qianxues explanation, Li Nianwei was a little nervous. what if I cannot reach the top few? Wouldnt I embarrass Young Master?



Hong Dali took another bottle. This was a colorless bottle of white wine, Galaxy Fantasy. He sniffed it pretentiously and said, “This Galaxy Fantasy has a superb taste, but it is lacking in iciness. It must be drunk with a dragon horn cup. Jade adds color, but dragon horns add fragrance. Everything has its purpose!”



“Yes! Of course, there is!” Yin Tianzong excitedly said, “The Elders have passed down the newest information. As long as this person comes and reports to the city owner, he will be directly promoted to a purple-level Honorary Aristocrat! Purple-level! He will even be heavily groomed, that’s definitely a lot of benefits for him! After he goes to a few trial planets for show and comes back, he will definitely become a black-level Honorary Aristocrat, only one notch below the Galaxy Aristocrats. However, in terms of the real power that he can command, he definitely won’t lose to any Galaxy Aristocrat!”


Let me do some calculations. Hong Dali started counting with his fingers. If ten thousand people take part in one city, and one hundred is chosen, three thousand cities would be 300,000 people. With an advancement ratio of one hundred to one, three thousand will be selected. Then thirty, then three Up to this point, Hong Dali was shocked. Oh, this is a cruel competition!


However, there was no choice. Missions had always been this way. If there was a reward, there should be a penalty too. It was normal.

  • “Any room will do.” The man with eagle eyes shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “Anyway, I’m preparing to go to the Tower of Trials. As long as there’s a virtual reality helmet.”
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