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I feel we are not well suited for each other, Hong Dali said decisively. Lets break up. Crack oh, my heart, its shattering into a million pieces


The Bureau Chief instantly burst out in sweat and hurriedly changed the topic. “Ah, haha, no rush, there’s no rush to try it. Chuyin.” The Bureau Chief paused for a while, then slowly asked, “The Zergs might be here any moment. Currently on Earth, only your Valsion is capable of fighting against them. Are you afraid?”


He was not in a hurry to get to Star Harbor anyway, so he decided to go to the pawnshop to take a look. “All right. I will go over now. Wait for me.”


This was where there was a problemin the past Li Yang would have a problem dealing with the two guards, but it was previously mentioned that Hong Dalis plan was simple and brutally effective. They were simply going to pile on attributes. They were rich. Although their mastery of martial arts was not as advanced, they had the money and they would just pile on their attributes with gems until they were able to squash you!


It was rare for such a super genius to appear in the Milky Way. But this person could not be located. This made the old man feel aggrievedwas it easy for the genius?


Quick, show them to me! Master Brahman said anxiously. If I begin appraising now, and nothing goes wrong, we should be able to make it for the auction later! These were all his masters. If he served them well, and they put more things up for sale, that was all money! The five rocks that they brought the last time, three Strength +12, one Agility +13, and one Reflexes +13. They were all top-grade items! He could not wait to see what they had brought this time!

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He was an elder member of the highest authority of the Galaxy Aristocrats, one of the five current protectors of the Galaxy Aristocrats and the Milky Way, Five Kings.Dongliu!


“Practice the pose first before the martial arts.” Wang Daoming dotingly patted Little Bai Hechou’s head and said, “After you are well practiced with it, you can forget the poses.”


As they talked, Hong Dalis communication device rang. When it was connected, Jiang Qianxues voice could be heard from the other end. Dali, where are you? Im out.


He got three pieces of attribute +8 gems as well as the armor they were embedded in. He got a great deal!


Tang Muxin said, Anyway, Sister Qianxue, you just have to know that he is definitely not short on money.


A man was battling with a terrifying beast that was over 30 meters tall. This man had a height of about 1.85 meters, a body with sturdy and well-proportioned muscles, thin lips, and sword-like eyebrows. His face was very handsome and his facial contour was so perfect that not a single flaw could be found.


Previously at the warehouse, Hong Dali had specially asked about the Secrets of Dark Energy from Yin Tianzong, who said that all of the stats of a person had to be above 500 in order to practice it.



As they walked on the streets, the people around discussed among themselves. Quick, look. A Galaxy Aristocrat seems to be dating an Honorary Aristocrat, right? It really looks like it. My God, Galaxy Aristocrats must never fall in love with someone outside their race. That lady Shh, its not for us to say anything. Dont talk rubbish. We cannot be responsible for the consequences!



“We…” Luo Qiang had wanted to give him a generic answer, for example, properties, spacecraft, gems… but when he thought about his Boss’ strange requirements, he nodded decisively. “We accept everything, as long as they have value.”


“Damn it.” One of the captains was looking at the holographic projection of the scene outside. On the projection, a Zerg army that flooded their sight. He cursed and scolded. “These damned bugs, why did they appear here? And there’s so many of them! This is close to the scale of a Zerg tide!”


This Dali, as a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat he did something so prodigal. Luckily I discovered it early. Otherwise, I would have suffered a big loss today!

  • Hong Dali was usually quite apathetic, but he was reliable when he needed to be. Since he had said so, there should be no problem.
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